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Why Homework Doesn’t Help Students?

Several people have carried out research on homework and have come to a common conclusion that there are times it benefits a student. Before you dedicate your entire time on it, you should be sure of everything. Your time is valuable and it needs not to be wasted. There are situations when a student gets zero benefits from an assignment. Before facing the papers, here is an outline on why I need help when I feel overwhelmed with homework.

Makes students hate books

One of the findings that most scholars have come up with is that most students get exhausted due to homework. They do not therefore concentrate in class due to spending the entire night in researching for solutions. Another way that students find themselves hating books is when challenging questions are given. Some teachers only want to punish students with difficult problems to solve rather than helping them benefit from it. In this way, no student enjoys reading that particular subject. Motivation only comes when both class work and assignments rhyme.

Time wastage

Homework can make students spend less time at school and more time in solving the problems. One thing for sure is that, not all students are the same. There are those who learn pretty fast while others do it slow. As a teacher, you should take these two students into consideration and not assume that they all have the same experience. The truth is that, the slow learners will waste time in trying to complete the assignment and do less on class work. This can be a great shame since this always ends on a bad note. If you cannot get homework helper, then resolve in doing something else more constructive in your free time.

Questions that do not come in final exam papers

At times, teachers give homework statistics questions just to hurt the students. Some of these questions may not appear anywhere in your exam and therefore, a total waste of golden time. If you do a couple of these questions and you find none of them related to what is in the syllabus, simply ask your teacher for a strict adherence to the curriculum. You should not get wasted because you will face the exam alone. Such things make students lose focus and finally fail. Harassing students should not be the major aim of a teacher.


There are some questions that simply make students get stressed the entire day such that they cannot focus at all. Stress is one of the major contributing factors to failure among most students. If you get questions that makes you depressed, simply ask your teacher for something simpler that you can easily explore and answer. This does not necessarily mean that all kinds of homework are stressful. It is just that some questions are not just set right.

Questions are not individually discussed

Most teachers always collect physics homework, mark it and then give back to students. They are however supposed to discuss the questions with individual students especially weak ones highlighting where the problem lies. Individual based discussion is helpful to the slow learners. If you want to get the most from this, you should discuss the questions with your teacher and get homework service that can give answers to every question you failed. When mass teaching is involved, you may not quite get the most from it.

Homework with ease

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